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dimanche 14 avril 2013

NVDA 2013.1beta2 est disponible pour faire des tests!

Coucou mes amis du blog de BlindHelp!
Voici une information!
NVDA 2013.1beta2 est disponible pour faire des test!
Message en anglais:
NV Access is pleased to announce the release of NVDA 2013.1beta2. It is
intended for those who are interested in testing and evaluating the
upcoming NVDA 2013.1 release, but is not recommended for production use.
Testers are encouraged to report any bugs found while using this beta.

Note that some translations may not yet be updated. They will be updated
by the time of the final 2013.1 release.

To download or read more, please visit this page:

Please consider donating to NV Access to support NVDA's continued development:

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Je vous souhaite un bon test de NVDA 2013.1beta2 !

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