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jeudi 26 février 2009

Talks3rd_fr_352_6, pour le portable Nokia N95 N95-8GB les liens

Coucou les amis du blog de BlindHelp,

Maintenant voici les liens pour la version de Talk...

In English of course!
Nuance - Nuance TALKS - FREE TrialFREE Trialtalks3rd_fr_352_6,
pour le portable Nokia N95.
Nuance offers a free trial demo package that you can download from the link below and install on your supported mobile phone. Important: Nuance TALKS andNuance ZOOMS only run on this list of phones, which use the Symbian Series 60 and Series 80 operating system.
The free demo speaks for 10 minutes after installing or turning on the phone. You can request a free 10-day license via our automated SMS service, or contactyour local dealer for a serial number that allows you to try out the application for 30 days without this limitation. (click here for a list of dealers). TALKS is available from mobile phone service providers and from a worldwide dealer network.• North America• Latin America• Europe, Middle East, and Africa• Asia & Asia Pacific
===• France: CECIAA select your phone model: Select a Phone - Nokia N95/N95-8GBFrench
SIS Files (RealSpeak Male)
SIS Files (RealSpeak Female)
SIS Files (Vocalizer for Mobile Female)
SIS Files (ETI-Eloquence)
TXT File
TXT File
DOC File

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